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Matsushima City, Higashimatsushima City

Photographed on 4/20-21/2011

There are still many red flags indicating “Search needed!” posted in the pebbles and trash in Higashi-Matsushima City even after 40days from the disaster.
震災40日後、東松島市に広がる瓦礫には未だ 「要捜索」の赤旗が大量に立っていた。

This place was untouched when the media started to report about the instauration and the restoration

Where are those who are walking with pushing cart in the totally destroyed town going towards?

Flying carp, which is the symbol of The Boys DAY in Japan, boldly and vigorously swimming in the empty village after the all the inhabitants left.

Every way you look at, large boats and automobiles sit in unusual position.

Self-Defense Force troops continue to search using the rubber boats in the NARUSE River.

Kids are ingenuously playing around at the ruined farming village in OKUMATSUSHIMA in chilly April.

Traditional Matsuyama scenery was protected by the dotted islands located at the entrance of the bay as natural pier.